Gutter & Drainage Products


•  Heritage PVC range provides a cast iron look without the inhibitive cost of materials and installation

•  Prostyle has ability to handle large house’s whilst being small enough to suit conservatories and bungalows

•  Domestic Roundstyle and Modern Squarestyle has been designed for fast, efficient and simple installation - with the installer in mind

•  High capacity and industrial rainwater systems. Produced for ease of installation and can provide significant savings on large roof areas

•  Extensive range of downpipes and fittings, all in high quality PVC


Soil & Waste

•  Available in various colours and sizes in both solvent weld
or push fit  

•  Complies with BS 4514 and BS 5255


Underground Civils

•  NEW 315mm, multi inlet shallow access chamber

•  Comprehensive range of pipes, gullys, access bends and branches complying with BS 4660 and BS 5481

•  Ultra-rib is lightweight with higher stiffness for easier installation, with excellent flow and self-cleansing characteristics